Final Stage Mobile Detailing is really the final stage, that is to say, you don’t need to go or do anything else once you go to them. Need just quick wash? No problem, done. Need a paint correction before a car show? What stage, they got you covered. Got a busy schedule? They’ll come to you.

I’ve had a couple cars detailed by them now, with my latest being my near 30 year old saab. They were very flexible, the day before the appointment, I told them I couldn’t make it to them and asked if they could come to me. For a fair nominal fee, they made the hour drive in traffic to my place. They proceeded to spend the entire day doing a stage 3 paint correction on my car and bringing the paint back to life as well completely erasing some side swipe paint damage I had gotten. My car would not have looked good at all in the Radwood 2 tent if it weren’t for Josh and his hard work. The mirror finish was jaw dropping.

Everyone knows some guy who does “detail work”, but rather than leaving it up chance, leave it up to the best; leave it to Final Stage Mobile Detailing. Anthony G.

Amazing service! I first ran into Josh’s work on Instagram. Thought it was worth reaching out to him to and seeing if he can salvage my paint. After some conversation I decided on getting the stage 3 paint correction and I can definitely say I was not disappointed. I was able to save money by not having to get a paint job and I’m more importantly, I was able to keep the cool original paint while still giving my car an awesome shine. All in all, I can honestly say this was an investment that has paid off greatly. If you’re looking for a similar service to be done on your vehicle, certainly reach out to Josh. Walter W.

Awesome service with a great price! Josh is very knowledgeable with detail work. He came to my place, did his great work on my car before a show. He also found my car at that show and gave it his nice little touch up which made the car look incredible! Can’t beat the price for the service and a awesome guy to know!

John B.

I have a black 1970 Camaro. Black is the hardest to keep looking clean and definitely the hardest to keep the swirls away. I get a Stage 2 from Joshua when the swirls get too bad and the paint job looks brand new every time!!!!! He makes it look like glass! No exaggeration. My favorite thing about this business is they’re mobile and come to you. That way, I can get it cleaned, polished and park it and it’s for the next drive.

Shawn N.